Online Slots

Online slot machines are one of the most popular casino games in the casino industry. They require little skill, and with so many out there to choose from; endless entertainment. Slot machines were invented over a century ago and since then they have advanced more so than any other of the casino games available today.

The coin denominations are important in slot playing. The average bankroll cannot afford to play with the higher values, while the lower coins are not attractive to high rollers. Developers kept this in mind and in many slots the lowest coin value is 0.01 all the way up to as high as $10 and sometimes even more.

While the basic concept of all slot games are the same; watching your bankroll, and playing smart is imperative when playing online slot games. They can be fun, exciting and profitable, but never play beyond your means. Look for special slot promotions at online casinos to increase your bankroll which will help extend your playtime.

Classic Slot Machines:

These slot games are the traditional three reel slot machines with one pay line. These games are available at any online casino as they are very popular, even today. The pay lines are fewer than the more advanced slots, but the payouts make up for it. To win on a classic slot simply match three like symbols on the provided pay line; it’s very simple.

Video Slot Games:

Video Slots are very popular with slot lovers. The added pay lines add to the excitement as there are many more ways to win compared to a three reel slot machine. Video slots will usually have anywhere from 5 pay lines up to 100. The reels hold hundreds of symbol combinations and the wins in these games happen when a consecutive combination of the same symbols appear on an active, enabled pay line. Players have the option to play all lines or reduce them to fit their needs. The payouts differ between games and the pay table is easily accessible for reference.

The best thing about video slot games to most players are the bonus features. Sometimes the games will have an interactive bonus round that gives the player an extra winning opportunity. Other times the bonus feature will consist of free games and many slots feature both. To initiate the bonus features the player must activate it with the bonus symbols in the game.

The main objective is to get as many  winning symbols and combinations possible. There are also special symbols in the game that can help do just that. Wilds and Scatters; wild symbols will substitute for any symbol in the game besides the scatter in most cases, and the scatter symbol will trigger scatter pays and usually a bonus feature.

Progressive Slot Machines:

Every major online casino software provider will have progressive slot games. These games will have huge, sometimes six or seven figure, jackpots. These are also usually network wide and all the casinos using the software will offer the same jackpot. To play these games the coin denomination is usually fixed as well as the pay lines. To trigger the jackpot there is a symbol in the game that will payout the huge sum if five like symbols are on an active pay line.
Another type of progressive is the random jackpot. These are common among software providers also such as; RTG and Playtech. These jackpots could payout at any time during the players gaming session no matter the bet amount, or spin result. This is an attractive feature because every player has a chance to win as long as they are playing selected games.