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AndroidGoogle’s Android OS is quickly becoming the most popular mobile operating system on the market. Current numbers show that just under 50% of all mobile devices worldwide are ‘Droids. That’s around 200 million devices, between tablets and phones. Given the sheer size of the Android market, it’s no surprise that tens of thousands of players use Android online casinos every day.

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What are the basic features of Android casino apps? How popular will Android gambling become? And what do you need to know before diving into the world of free and real-money Android casinos? In this article, we’ll discuss four must-know facts about Android online casinos. By the end, you’ll have answers to all these questions and more.

1. Online gambling companies are convinced: the future of gaming is in mobile. Android devices are at the forefront of the revolution.

The signs are everywhere: mobile gaming is about to boom. This isn’t just a hunch. The data proves that more people than ever are choosing to play from a phone or a tablet. Seeing as mobile devices aren’t even close to a saturated market, the numbers can only go up from here.

Gambling companies are paying close attention to this medium shift. That’s because of all the game types mobile players prefer, free gambling games top the list. A 2010 survey revealed that card games are the 2nd most frequently played mobile game type, with casino games trailing a close 3rd. It makes sense for operators to develop high-quality Android online casinos given these numbers.

2. There are tons of free Android casino games out there – no cash down, no strings attached.

Some players refuse to play phone casino games, citing a lack of free gambling apps for Android. It’s obvious that these players haven’t done their research, since there are literally thousands of free gambling games available for Android devices.

Some of the free casino games for Android are developed by game development shops, and play more like standard video games than realistic online casinos. This can be good or bad, depending on your personal preference.

Some dev-shop games are built as training tools. For example you’ll find many free blackjack training apps available in the Android Market. Other developer-crafted games are built from a fantasy perspective. This type of game is designed to play more like a traditional video game than a casino game. For example, a search for “blackjack” in the Android Market brings up such intriguing titles as:

  • Strip Blackjack with Sandee
  • Pamela Anderson Blackjack
  • Kenny Rogers “The Gambler” Blackjack

You’ll find more realistic Android online casino games offered by companies that also have web-based online casinos. Generally these apps are not available in the Android Market; rather, you can download them from the casino’s website itself.

3. There’s a free Android online casino app for every popular game.

Have a favorite table game? Wondering if there’s an Android app that would allow you to play it on the go? Unless you’re into really obscure forms of gambling, chances are pretty good that the answer is yes. What’s more, chances are good that most of the apps you’ll find allow you to play for free.

A quick search for free versions of various table games in the Android Market reveals:

  • Blackjack: over 1000 apps
  • Poker: over 1000 apps
  • Roulette: over 1000 apps
  • Baccarat: 120 apps
  • Craps: 145 apps

In addition to all the popular table games, there are thousands upon thousands of slot machines available to play for free. You can also download free Android scratch ticket apps, keno apps, and even sports betting apps – the options are almost endless, and continue to grow by the day.

4. Confident in your game? You can play for real money at Android online casinos, too!

Free mobile casino games are useful when you’re learning a certain game for the first time, or when developing a winning strategy. You can learn the rules, try out new systems, and tweak your betting methods without having to risk any cash. All this is only useful for so long, though.

Once you’ve worn out the free games, you can download real money Android online casinos from most major online gambling providers. These apps allow you to securely play for cash at any time, no matter where you are. It’s like carrying the Hilton around in your pocket – and nobody has to know but you.

You can download most Android online casinos for free from the provider’s website. You’ll usually be asked to enter your phone number into a form, and then you’ll be sent a link to the casino app via text message. In order to play for real money, you’ll need to sign up for and fund a casino account with the provider. The entire process can take less than two minutes, depending on how you choose to fund your account.

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